How it works

Xerifleet is more than just a eDVIR tool – it’s a better way to get drivers, fleet managers, and technicians on the same page.

Fleets that switch to Xerifleet are more productive and better organized. They communicate better and vehicles break down less frequently. And they’re far more compliant than before. Here’s how Xerifleet makes it happen.

Fleet communication, simplified.

Simplified fleet communication

With Xerifleet, drivers can communicate quickly and easily with their shop and the fleet manager. Each driver can create verified eDVIR reports and get the help they need fast to ensure vehicles are safe and compliant. Forget paper forms, disorganization and chaos. Xerifleet keeps everything organized and in one place.

How it’s better: Unlike paper forms where everything starts disorganized and you have to manage the chaos, Xerifleet keeps everything organized digitally.

Vehicle inspections made easier

Inspection Report

Are your vehicle inspections getting lost in the shuffle? Is there a disconnect between the drivers and the technicians? This is where Xerifleet excels. When integrated with a fleet management system like RTA Fleet Management Software, drivers can simply perform an eDVIR and the issues and resolutions are automatically tracked through Xerifleet.

Keep your fleet staff in the loop

An essential part of managing a fleet is keeping people informed so that nothing falls through the cracks and everyone knows what to do. Xerifleet makes that easy. It ensures vehicles are well-maintained, records are kept up-to-date, and you stay compliant.

Ways eDVIR apps benefit fleet managers

Vehicle Details

Be confident your drivers are correctly performing vehicle inspections on-time. Always be informed of vehicle issues and the status of repairs.

How Xerifleet helps drivers

Inspection Report

Quickly complete required inspections using a mobile device. No more shuffling through papers and writing detailed descriptions. Simply snap photos of any problems, record notes with your voice, and that’s it. Don’t waste time checking with the shop on the status of repairs and issues – just wait for the notifications to come through on your mobile device.

Advantages for shop supervisors

Issues List

Get a heads up on issues before the vehicle arrives in the shop. When repairs are made, seamlessly update the eDVIR status from your fleet maintenance system. Get notifications, make notes on the vehicle and communicate with drivers all through the systems you use every day. No paper forms and no double data-entry.

Why it’s better: Most fleets spend too much time and money on tracking down paper forms or dealing with eDVIR systems that don’t integrate with the fleet maintenance system. Xerifleet gives you the tools to keep everyone in the loop without losing paper and performing double data-entry. Free up time for productive work that keeps your fleet on the road and compliant.

Xerifleet Overview Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar demonstrating how Xerifleet works.

Learn how the Xerifleet eDVIR mobile app can keep your fleet compliant, save drivers time, speed up vehicle maintenance, and more!