Steps to Take When Buying an eDVIR Application

Is your fleet operation currently struggling with paper vehicle inspection forms? It may be time to make the switch to electronic DVIR forms. These forms – which are available in mobile applications – can help save your operation time and money.

While determining that you need an eDVIR app is a major decision – it’s only the first step in getting an application for your fleet staff to use. When buying an eDVIR app, follow these tips to ensure you are getting the right solution for your operation:

Determine what problems you need the eDVIR to solve: Identifying what internal requirements you need [[LM1]](#_msocom_1) the application to solve will help you determine what features you need the eDVIR app to provide.

Start researching what applications are available: The next step is to see what products are available. Start by doing internet research to see the various eDVIR options or gather information at tradeshows and other industry events.

Narrow your list: Then, take the list of solutions you gathered from your initial research and cross-reference what they offer with what problems you need the app to solve. This should help you weed out some of the candidates. Ideally, you should try to limit your list to five solutions at this stage.

Ask peers for feedback: Once you have a short list of options, ask your industry peers if they have any experience with the product. This will help you gain feedback from real users that you know and trust. After consulting with your peers, you should try to narrow your list to a few options.

Reach out to software companies and request a demo or trial: Next, reach out to your final candidates and request a demo or a trial of their eDVIR app. This will give you hands-on experience with the product. You should also include other staff members and decision-makers in this process to get their opinions and let them determine if the app will help them accomplish their needs.

Ask the software provider questions: After the demo or trial, ask the software provider key questions that will help you decide, such as pricing and how long it takes to implement.

Make a selection: Finally, after seeing the app and getting your questions answered by the software company, you should be ready to make a selection.

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