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Checklist: Questions to Ask When Purchasing an eDVIR Application

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Benefits of Using eDVIRs for Vehicle Inspections

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What Drivers Should Look for in Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections

Take a look at a list of items the Department of Transportation requires drivers to inspect before starting a trip.

3 Ways PM Programs and Driver Inspections Can Work Together

Preventative maintenance services and vehicle inspections can work together to identify and repair vehicle issues early before assets need major repairs.

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Benefits of Integrating Driver Inspections into Your FMIS

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Xerifleet: Answers to Your FAQs

Get answers to common questions about Xerifleet, an eDVIR solution for your fleet operation.

A Fleet Manager's Guide to Performing Efficient Vehicle Inspections

Keep Your Fleet Operation Compliant, Efficient When Performing Vehicle Inspections eDVIR applications allow operations to save time when completing inspections. To ensure your vehicles are safe to be on the roadways, and to adhere to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines, drivers need to conduct vehicle inspections before and after each route. While these are necessary, they can also be time-consuming for drivers and technicians. To keep your drivers and shop running efficiently, learn how using Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports can benefit your operation.