About Us

Developed by RTA, Xerifleet is powered by the fleet management software company’s 40-years of experience.

RTA’s founder, Ron Turley, knew a thing or two about managing a fleet. He started as a UPS® driver in 1961 and worked his way up to managing their entire fleet in just a few years. Like you, it didn’t take long for him to realize that putting out the daily fires could consume all his time. So, he pioneered an approach that got him out of the weeds of the day-to-day and into proactive solutions, keeping more of his vehicles safely on the road, more of the time.

After saving UPS more than $100 million during his time there (today, this would be more like $300 million, with inflation), Ron took all that he learned and created a fleet management software that actually meets managers’ real needs. Forty years later, Ron’s business is still in the family, and our goal is the same: We help fleet managers run their fleets with more efficiency and less hassle at a cost their companies can’t afford to pass up. We help fleets succeed.

  • Time-saving solutions: Ditch the paper forms and chaos and see how our easy-to-use eDVIR app will save your drivers and technicians time.
  • Budget-friendly pricing: At $3/month per vehicle, stop wasting money on paper and get a complete solution.
  • Unrivaled customer support: We have our 5-star customer support team standing by to answer your questions. We not only know our customers by name, but we provide comprehensive help so you don’t need to bother your IT department.

Our founder’s story

RTA began serving fleet managers in 1979, but the company’s true beginning occurred years earlier when Ron Turley was a young father and Korean War veteran. Ron started at the bottom rung, as a driver for UPS® in 1961. Within five years, he worked his way up to become the Automotive and Building Maintenance Manager in the brand new Georgia District. While there, he ran the best-performing district throughout the entire company. They had the fewest road calls and lowest cost of all UPS’ fleet management districts in the U.S.

Fast forward to 1973. After several promotions and reassignments, Ron was given responsibility for the maintenance of all UPS vehicles in the U.S., Canada and Germany – more than 48,000 in all. In the next five years, Ron would help UPS save $100 million in shop operating costs, allowing UPS mechanics to take care of nearly 80 percent more vehicles per man-hour than they had been doing up to that point. He instituted time standards and innovative cost-saving measures throughout the company’s maintenance operations until 1978.

At this point, RTA’s story begins, quite by accident. Ron left UPS and moved his family back to Phoenix. He received numerous requests from fleet managers needing help to improve their operations. As Ron’s popularity grew, he began to regularly deliver seminars around the country, in addition to his consulting jobs. Ron published his first book to offer at these seminars. Managing Fleet Maintenance was published in 1979, and three other books followed: Time Management, Preventive Maintenance Inspections and Operations and Safety. Through his books, Ron established and demonstrated how key reports help maintenance managers control costs. These reports formed the backbone of what RTA would become.

RTA Fleet Management Software Ron Turley Founder's Story
Ron Turley, Founder of RTA Fleet Management Softare

Our Leadership Team

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Josh Turley
Chief Executive Officer & Owner
A third-generation owner, Josh purchased RTA in 2017 after becoming CEO in 2015. But his roots with RTA go back much farther. Josh grew up around RTA, watching his grandfather and father lead the company before his tenure, and officially started his RTA career in 2004. Josh works alongside his team to carry out RTA’s goal to have a positive impact on the lives they touch. His mission for RTA is to provide clients with the tools they need to save time and money in their operations. Josh enjoys the outdoors, spy thriller novels, and studying history.
Anjuli Turley
Anjuli purchased RTA in 2017 with her husband, Josh. She serves on the company’s board of directors and assists with key RTA events. Anjuli and Josh live in Arizona with their eight children.
Doug Perkes
Chief Technology Officer
Doug joined RTA in 2017 as Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for the RTA technology roadmap for the future, with the express purpose of meeting clients’ needs. Doug’s passion for technology enhances RTA’s product offerings to ensure they are providing the best possible solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and architecture, including over 10 years at Microsoft. Doug grew up in San Diego and now is on a constant quest to keep his wife and five kids fed and cooled in the deserts of Arizona.
Steve Saltzgiver
Director of Strategic Innovation
Steve joined RTA in 2020 to support product design, provide consultations to customers, share best practices with clients, and more. Steve’s background includes being a Fleet Management Consultant with Mercury Associates, Vice President of Coca-Cola and Republic Services, and Director of Fleets in Utah and Georgia. He has served on many industry-leading boards and has been recognized for his achievements, including being twice nominated for Automotive Fleet magazine’s Manager of the Year, being inducted into the Government Hall of Fame and receiving the Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award for his fleet management career.
Jeff Jenkins
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Jeff joined RTA in 2021 as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He is responsible for promoting and building the RTA brand, in addition to leading the sales team to continue to solidify RTA as the premier provider of fleet maintenance software. Jeff has more than 20 years of experience in transportation management, where he started with Knight Transportation as a dispatcher. Since then he has held every operational role in the transportation industry — including 6 years as CEO of a mid-size trucking company in East Texas. While there, Jeff purchased RTA’s solution after recognizing it as the best maintenance software available in the space. Jeff grew up in Peoria, AZ, and after spending the past 15 years away from the Valley, is excited to be back.
Tim Maldonado
Director of Customer Service
Tim has been with RTA for over 6 years. He began as a Support Technician and has served in various roles. His responsibilities include managing our Technical Support Team and our Customer Service Team, both having a direct impact on our customer’s success. He and his wife have three children and Tim enjoys boating and off-roading in his free time.
Clif Swann
Clif joined RTA in 2020 as our financial controller. As the controller, Clif is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions including accounting, audit and treasury. His career spans more than 20 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership, and growth strategy in the automotive and SaaS industries. In his free time he likes coaching youth baseball and spending time with his family at their cabin in Northern Arizona.