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Inspections & eDVIRS that are fully compliance with DOT and FMSCA regulations


Simple and easy inspections. DOT compliant.

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Integrates seamlessly with your maintenance solution.

With so many responsibilities, you shouldn’t have to worry about your driver vehicle inspections on top of everything else.

You should have a tool to manage your inspections the way you want and keep your fleet safe and compliant.

As a fleet manager, we know that keeping your technicians and drivers on the same page is a challenge when it comes to inspections, as paper forms can get misplaced and are hard to read. So, if loose paper forms are flying around your shop and your technicians are doing double-entry to sync vehicle information, we can help.

Xerifleet is an easy-to-use eDVIR mobile app that allows drivers to quickly and accurately complete vehicle inspections from the convenience of their mobile device.

Make Drivers’ Inspections Easier

Through the app, set up customized forms so drivers are only inspecting areas relevant to the vehicle they are driving. The drivers know exactly what to inspect, and fill out the simple form just before getting on the road. They also save time by recording notes with their voice, and uploading images of vehicle defects – No more deciphering hand-written notes!

Save Technicians Time

Technicians also save time with Xerifleet. Because the app easily integrates with your fleet management software, technicians immediately see what defects are reported on the inspection and can get ready for the repairs before the vehicle even arrives at the shop.

You’ll get straight-forward pricing, at $3/month per vehicle, which includes UNLIMITED inspections, users, and forms. Plus, receive priority support and an annual discount.

So, lose the paper inspection forms.

A solution that manages your vehicle inspections for you.

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Xerifleet’s eDVIR mobile app is simple, accurate, easy-to use and includes customized vehicle inspections and integrations to help you keep your drivers and technicians on the same page, and your vehicles on the road.

Xerifleet App showing inspections
Complete customization of inspections templates
Customized Inspection Templates

Stop wasting your drivers’ time with inefficient, generic forms. Create a unique form that’s specific to your fleet’s vehicles.

Ensure you meet Department of Transportation and FMCSA regulations
Issue Management Compliance

Keep your fleet operation compliant with Department of Transportation mandates by ensuring all signatures are gathered and all repairs are made.

Don't break the bank
Affordable Pricing

For just $3 a month per vehicle – the same price you’re likely paying for a paper inspection form – you get the convenience of a mobile app and the peace-of-mind that your fleet is DOT-compliant.

What Our Clients Say About RTA Fleet Management Software

We help fleets succeed.


We offer honest, straight-forward pricing at $3/month per vehicle

Pricing Per Vehicle

$ 3 /mo
  • Unlimited Inspections
    Drivers can inspect vehicles as many times as needed.
  • Unlimited Users
    Invite anyone and everyone. No per seat charges.
  • Unlimited Forms
    Create as many inspection forms you need to get the best results.
  • Priority Support
    Jump to the front of the line when you need help.
  • Annual Discount
    Discounted pricing for annual payment.
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You need a tool to manage your vehicle inspections the way you want and keep your fleet safe and compliant.

Xerifleet does that, and more.

Xerifleet app showing vehicle information

Keeps your fleet compliant with DOT mandates.

Xerifleet lets your drivers quickly and accurately perform vehicle inspections to keep your operation compliant with the Department of Transportation’s requirements. These inspections are stored in the app so you can easily access them later.

Easily integrates into RTA.

Xerifleet integrates seamlessly with RTA, making it the best eDVIR tool on the market to sync with our software solution.

Provides customized vehicle inspection forms.

Vehicle inspections should be efficient and comprehensive. Stop having your drivers waste time with generic inspection forms. Instead, create your own form that includes components unique to each vehicle -- and ensures it will pass a roadside vehicle inspection.

Improves communication between drivers and technicians.

Stop the finger pointing between your drivers and technicians. Xerifleet helps bridge the communication gap. Drivers can give easy-to-read reports to technicians instantly, and the shop can quickly notify the driver when the repairs are completed.

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